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knightgasm_rps's Journal

The King Arthur RPS Fanfiction Community
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1. This community is for the posting of RPS fic based on the actors in Jerry Bruckheimer's King Arthur. Non-RPS fic should be posted to knightgasm.

2. Any pairing you fancy to write is allowed.

3. Fics of any length are allowed here, from epics to drabbles.

4. Please make sure to proof read your fic. Having had someone beta it is even more preferred.

5. Cut tags! Use them for fics of 200+ words, or fics of less than 200 words with frequent line breaks for dialogue.

6. Please post ratings, warnings, pairings, and summaries at the top of the fic and before the cut tag.

7. Flaming is a bannable offense. Be polite.

8. This community is fanfic only. In other words, it's not the place for discussion about the movie's plot or about the actors. That discussion belongs over in the_roundtable. Promotion of other communities and fanart also belongs there.

Posts from this community and RPS posts that have been put up in knightgasm are archived in this community's Memories.

If you have comments or complaints, or if I've missed a fic in the archival process, please drop a note on my most recent post at calichan.