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Clive knows he shouldn’t be watching. He knows that he should turn away and go home. Or, if not go back to his flat, at least go to a different pub… a pub away from him.

Instead of doing just that, Clive decided to give into the sweet and tender call of sin and temptation and allowed his eyes to travel to his crotch. Before Clive could really feel get a full and supple view of his cock, Ioan turned around to order another pint from the bartender.

“Damen’t to all fucking hell!” Clive murmured to himself. How was he supposed to fully enjoy Ioan’s body if he kept moving?

Reaching towards his cigarette case on the table, Clive lit a cigarette and inhaled with a sharp breath. Exhaling slowly and lazily through his nose, Clive continued to watch Ioan through the clouded smoke.

Even through the smoke and Clive’s blurry vision from one too many ales, Ioan still looked incredible. Clive’s eyes roamed down Ioan’s body, letting it soak up every centimeter of him; Clive smirked to himself a bit: still wearing a bit of makeup from the days earlier shoot and yet Ioan still looked incredibly gorgeous.

“I’m going to fucking kill him.” Clive whispered to himself once more, shifting uncomfortably from the growing heat coming from his own cock. Sitting in a barely lit booth in the back of the pub, one would hardly notice that he was there. The only real bright light that came from the corner was Clive’s ember red light from his cigarette. It was perfect place to watch people.

He watched as Ioan laughed and jokingly punched Hugh in the arm, Hugh replied with some crude comment that had Keira’s eyes and mouth going wide and shaking her head at Hugh while trying to contain her laughter. Ioan laughed as he excused himself to the bathroom.

Noticing that Ioan was detaching himself from the rest of the group and cast had Clive instantly sitting up from his slouching position and inching forward towards the bathroom entrance near him. Clive watched with intent eyes as Ioan came closer and closer to him.

Extinguishing his cigarette into the nearby ashtray, Clive began to stand up, but just as he was going to intercept Ioan, he realized that he had absolutely nothing to say to Ioan to begin with and couldn’t, for the life of him, think of anything to say. Deciding that he would much rather look like a stalker rather than a complete dumbass talking to Ioan, Clive sat down once again and watched regretfully as Ioan walked right past him, completely unaware of Clive’s presence.

“Fuck!” Clive told himself. Not willing to accept defeat, Clive lit up another cigarette and gathered all his drunken courage and followed Ioan into the bathroom.

As Clive opened the door to the men’s bathroom, he stepped through only to smell baby powder. What the fuck is that? Clive asked himself. Taking a few more steps forward, he noticed the room had a bright pink light to it, and just as realization hit him, so did a shoe.

“Get the fuck outta here! This is the woman’s bathroom!”

Clive was in the wrong bathroom was face to face with a woman waiting in line for the loo. Oh fuck! Clive thought.

“Holy fuck! I’m sorry! I mean-shit!” Clive immediately turned around quickly left the room. Pausing for a moment outside the door, he caught his breath for a moment. Well, fuck, how many fucking pints did I have tonight?”

Suddenly remembering why he had even bothered to come to bathroom in the first place, he walked to other bathroom door and opened it, knowing for sure that this was the right door.

It was empty.

“Fuck!” Clive yelled in disappointment and defeat, he put the cigarette to lips and took a deep breath.

Chuckling a bitter laughter to himself, he swung the door open and walked out. Resuming his place in the booth, he finished the last of his cigarette. Looking up to where the rest of the cast was at, Hugh and Keira had left, undoubtedly together, as did Ioan.

Where the fuck did that little bugger run off to? Clive asked himself. Resigning himself to defeat, Clive began to gather his things to leave, when Mads sat himself down next to him.

“Can I help you with something Mads?” Clive asked, sounding tired, though not annoyed; he enjoyed Mads company, it was cynical and fucking hilarious.

“I have just one question…” Clive could immediately tell that Mads was quite drunk, but unlike the others, he still kept his cool and quietness.

“Which would be…?”

“Do you know the difference between the words: men and women’s bathroom?”

Trying to suppress his rising laughter and spreading smile, Clive flipped Mads off before finally laughing. Soon, both men were laughing so hard that Mads was beginning to lose his balance. Perhaps they were laughing a bit too hard, but the ale was strong and Clive did make an ass out of himself.

“You saw that, eh?” Clive finally asked, grabbing Mads pint away from him and taking a satiating gulp.

“I think the whole fucking pub saw that.” Mads whispered, wiping his hair from his eyes.

“Yeah… probably.”

“Everyone… except Ioan of course.” Clive’s smile slowly disappeared.

Clive was silent for a bit, not out of embarrassment but more out of surprise that Mads noticed so late into shooting the movie. “You saw that too, eh?” Clive asked, leaning into the cushion of the seat.

“Yes, however that one I believe is still unknown to our fellow pub mates. Don’t worry,” Mads continued after seeing concern briefly come across Clive’s face, “who the fuck would I tell?”

“Mmm…” Clive grunted back, the mention of Ioan’s name brought back memories of Ioan’s laughter, the way he drank, his walk, his acting, his ass, his cock… basically just Ioan himself.

Mads reached for Clive’s cigarette case and lit himself a cigarette before reclining into the seat as Clive was. The both just sat there, completely content yet incredibly uneasy at the same time.

“Go to him.” Mads said without looking at Clive, just blowing smoke into little circles into the surrounding air.

“What the fuck do you call what I’ve been trying to do this whole night?”

“Procrastination.” Mads replied simply and calmly.

Clive smiled to himself a bit; Mads was always honest, why the fuck shouldn’t he be? Avoiding the truth was avoiding life.

“Right then, I’ll be off. See you on set tomorrow?” Clive said as he put on his coat, grabbed his cigarette case, and leave some notes for the bill.

“Yeah, yeah, piss off now.” Mads replied still not looking at him and still playing with the smoke his cigarette produced.

The walk to Ioan’s was unsteady and seemed rather long for Clive’s taste, but it was worth it when he finally saw the address. Walking up to the door, he rang the doorbell and waited. And waited, and waited, and waited. After ringing the doorbell for ten more minutes, Clive realized that this was not the proper method to get Ioan to open the door.

Cautiously walking down the steps and halfway into the street, he looked up at the building. Which one is his? Bleeding Christ, I don’t know!

“Ioan!!!!!” Clive began to yell at the building.

No reply.

“Ioan!!!! Where the hell are you?!”

He heard a window open and was relieved that Ioan had finally come; he had to piss really badly.

“If you don’t shut the fuck up I’ll call the police!!” A man was looking out of his window down towards Clive.

“Oh. Fuck. Sorry!!” Clive yelled back.

Turning down the street, he lit another cigarette. “Fuck it.” Clive told himself. Seeing a taxi coming down the street, he stuck out his hand and hailed down the taxi.

Finally reaching his own flat, he argued with the door lock for ten more minutes before finally opening the door. Taking the lift to his room, he opened his door and as soon as he entered he closed the door with his body and leaned his head against the door.

“Where the hell have you been?”

Clive looked up and saw Ioan standing there in black boxers and a black robe. Clive rubbed his eyes for a second and blinked a few times.

“Uh?” Clive asked stepping forward.

“I asked you where the fuck you’ve been. I’ve been waiting here for an hour; I was ready to go to bed!”

Clive was silent for a few moments. Desperately trying to comprehend what was going on. Drawing only blanks, he looked at Ioan in a very confused way.

“You don’t remember do you?”

“No… should I?” Clive asked slowly.

“It was going to be your place tonight. Remember, in bed last night, you wanted me to come over so we could spend a quiet night together. We planned this all last night at my flat.”

The memories were beginning to come back; hazy but resurfacing.

“But you went to the pub after the shoot today.” Clive retorted back.

“For about twenty minutes. I left early for your place and you weren’t here. Thank God you gave me a key; I would have frozen to death.”

“Oh… that’s right. Fuck, I had completely forgotten. Shit, I’m sorry Ioan.”

“Its fine, I was just worried. Wait, how did you know I went to the pub?”

“I followed you of course.”

“What? I didn’t even see you.”

“No, but I saw you.”

“Why didn’t you join us?”

“Watching you from afar is much more interesting. I had forgotten about our meeting and I just…” Clive didn’t finish.

What could he say? I felt the overpowering need to see you and just watch you? That just watching you had made him completely forget about everything else? Ioan is too powerful to be taken lightly, sometimes I need a break… but then I look at you and know that a break from you would be suicide… for me.

“It’s fine.” Ioan said stepping closer towards Clive and pulling him into a tight and strong embrace. Pulling away a little to look into Clive’s eyes, he leaned his forehead against Clive’s and moved to kiss him on the lips.

“Where had you gone?” Ioan asked his hands began to roam under Clive’s jacket and felt his warmth moving onto his hands.

“I…” Clive really didn’t want to recount the shitty night he had so far, he just wanted to enjoy Ioan’s company and kiss the lips that he had been longing for the whole day. “I was detained, that’s all.” Clive said.

Ioan just grunted in reply and promptly pushed Clive’s jacket from his body while Clive’s hands began to roam over Ioan’s chest. Seeing that Clive had too much clothing for his taste, Ioan quickly removed Clive’s sweater and shirt and unbuckled his belt, all the while almost never breaking contact with Clive’s lips.
Clive carefully pushed Ioan’s robe, rather his robe, to the floor and wrapped his arms around Ioan’s neck and inhaled the smell of Ioan’s shampoo. Not bothering to restrain a moan, Clive began to move his mouth to Ioan’s ear, his left to specific, knowing that it was this spot that made Ioan go weak.

“Come to bed.” Ioan said in Clive’s ear.

Ioan walked backwards while Clive guided him to bedroom and when the large white bed came into view, Clive gently picked Ioan up and placed him on the bed, covering Ioan’s body with his. Looking at Ioan’s luscious lips, Clive dived for them and Ioan pushed into him deeper; grabbing Clive’s hair and wrapping his slender legs around Clive’s waist.

Still kissing Ioan, Clive began to remove his shoes and socks and was about to remove his pants when he felt Ioan’s hands on the zipper. Smiling in between kisses, Clive gently stroked Ioan’s arm but with enough pressure to alert Ioan to hurry up.

Finally removing the pants, Ioan carelessly threw them off the bed. And, with all the strength he could muster against the older and stronger man, flipped Clive onto his back and pinned him there with his hands above his head. Winking at Clive before going to kiss him, he licked his lips and began to make a trail of kisses down Clive’s chest before reaching the hem of his boxers.

Pleased with Clive’s already hard cock, Ioan, after much practice, pulled down Clive’s boxers with his teeth and had to contain himself from immediately engulfing Clive’s cock the second it came into view.

Lightly licking the underside of the cock, he enjoyed himself by taking one hand from Clive’s wrists and fondled his balls. Clive grunted and began to write a little. Just feeling Ioan’s tongue on his cock had Clive ready to burst, he wanted to last.

Sitting up from his position, Clive brought Ioan up towards his face and kissed him deeply. Reaching over into the bedside drawer, he reached for the lube and opened it.

“You’re ruining my foreplay. You know how much I love foreplay.” Ioan said with mock disappointment.

“Fuck foreplay,” Was all Clive said before rubbing some lube onto his cock and gently pushing Ioan down so his head was hanging over the edge of the bed.

Ioan automatically lifted his legs to go over Clive’s shoulder and opened himself to take all of Clive in him on one push. Ioan looked up at Clive, nothing but pure lust and arousal flamed within them. Clive knew the look well and it was with this look that Clive burned into his memory as he closed his and entered Ioan.

Unlike Clive’s normal slow and rather sweet process of making love, Ioan was surprised, and incredibly turned on, by Clive’s aggressive force. However, not ever one to turn away Clive or his cock, he welcomed the familiar yet never boring feeling of being filled to the complete max.

Amidst the groans and grunts, Clive felt the tension and weariness from the day leave him with each hard and powerful thrust into Ioan. All the tension had been relieved when they both finally came together. Both sweating and panting, Clive leaned his forehead upon Ioan’s chest as he felt and heard Ioan’s rapid heartbeat.

Clive realized that this feeling, right after having sex and still recuperating for another try, these brief minutes was the missing ingredient in his life. The feeling within him was the one that had been missing from his life all these years. For once in god knows how many years, he felt complete… whole… strong.

What would happen when he would finally have to let go? Would he be able to let go?
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